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While you are filming, Hard Out Sanitary Onsite Solutions is proud to offer a Health & Safety Awareness Staff / Hygiene Crew who can be on site assisting your crew. S.O.S. has trained staff who are qualified to assist your Health Safety Manager.

Working together with your Health Safety Manager they will be responsible and have authority for COVID-19 safety compliance and enforcement in the workplace to address issues as they arise. In addition to our staff, we are also able to provide other useful equipment to enhance your safety while production is in process.

While on set, our Health & Safety Awareness Staff / Hygiene Crew will oversee and monitor physical distancing, symptom monitoring, disinfecting protocols, PPE education, and any other duties related to keeping cast and crew safe as may be determined by each production. Also, the Health & Safety Awareness Staff / Hygiene Crew can monitor any other S.O.S. services being provided on set such as cleaning and wiping down high touch areas. It is imperative that we all move together in the safest manner possible and with these personnel on set, we feel it can.

S.O.S. Health & Safety Awareness Staff / Hygiene Crew can be provided 24/7, from call to wrap. Please email us to discuss rates and a plan moving forward to protect your set. We look forward to hearing from you.