Mold Remediation and Abatement

We have learned many things on our journey with Hardout SOS. As COVID cleaning restrictions became more relaxed and studio protocols became less stringent, we realized that there are still many unsafe areas and locations that production crews are exposed to every day.


Let’s look at this scenario. Your team finds the perfect location. It’s exactly what you are looking for. But it’s damp and humid. You can see dark, discolored areas in the corners. The place has an unpleasant smell. You know there is a mold problem. Now you need to hire an accredited air and mold testing service to provide you with a detailed report and the necessary steps to remediate the problem. With that report in hand, you call Hardout SOS, the mold remediation specialists,  to eliminate the issues and make that perfect location safe for everyone.


Keep in mind that the testing company should never do the mold remediation. This is a conflict of interest and is not allowed by many studios and in many states. Come to the experts at Hardout SOS. Our licensed and trained professional supervisors have a thorough understanding of the NYS Labor Law Article 32. Our staff is licensed and trained to handle all your mold remediation needs.

Our Licensed and Certified Supervisors
Bruce Brown & Logan Bondurant