Hardout SOS now offers a full range of carpet cleaning, vacuuming and both hot and cold water extraction services.

We know of the amount of abuse your carpets take, especially in high-traffic areas and unfortunately, no amount of vacuuming can ever get those carpets looking new again. But there is a cost effective solution that can get your carpets looking new again. Carpet Extraction can do the job! And Hardout SOS has the experience and equipment to do it right. Not to be confused with simple carpet cleaning or shampooing, hot water extraction won’t damage your carpet fibers or leave behind any residue . Steam cleaning does not rinse or remove dirt & stains as effectively as hot water extraction carpet cleaning does.

So please check out our carpet maintenance page to find the right solution for your offices

Full Day coverage. Pre-Prep to Post Wrap. Having our crew on-site for shoot days is one of the most important things you can do to keep your production safe

Up to 4 hours of cleaning and sanitation coverage at your remote locations. Electrostatic fogging if requested.

Coronavirus abatement was the initial focus of Hardout SOS. With expansion and know-how, we are now a leading commercial cleaning service We provide the most comprehensive and environmentally-conscious janitorial building and office maintenance services in the industry.

We can also provide air scrubbers, portable sinks, containment tents and other specialized components for a safe and sterile set.

A few other things we’re great at

Ten Trailers all brand new and recently purchased. And plenty of tow vehicles equipped with water tanks.

Fourteen mobile towers with four lights each, it only takes a couple of these high-powered towers to keep things safe and rolling all night long.

We hate to see it and don’t like to talk about it. Positive cases happen and you need a team that can be on-site immediately And abate affected areas immediately

Our sister company rents anything you need to keep your production moving. Tables, chairs, tents, heaters, AC units. We have it all. Same day delivery available. HardoutProductions.com

We know exactly what you need. We have the best SOLUTIONS. 

We are the solution guys! We figured it out. It can be very confusing. Locations clashing with Health and Safety. Lots of different players with roles that sometimes overlap. It can get stressful and a bit confusing, but we know exactly what you need.

The secret of success

We have an ongoing dialogue with studio safety teams and their respective Managers to ensure maximum transparency.

Develop A Plan

We are prepared to adapt to the unique cleaning and sanitizing requirements of stages and locations on a schedule that works for Production.


Combine routine cleanings with sanitization/disinfection to maximize safety.


Using traditional cleaning methods (vacuum, mopping, spraying, wiping, etc.) will be combined with ULV (Ultra Low Volume) fogging and electrostatic spraying.


We are prepared to adapt to safety standards recommended by both government agencies and individual studios as they are modified.

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