Production Office Cleaning Services

COVID cleaning services have always been the specialty of Hardout SOS

We are now a leading commercial cleaning service. We provide the most comprehensive green janitorial building and office cleaning services in the industry,

As we all know, keeping you production office clean and presentable can seem like an insurmountable task. Hiring the right crew that has experience in the industry becomes a critical decision .

The Process

Our process involves determining the size of your space and the number of workers you have there.

We are very flexible with the length of out shifts and number of crew because every situation is different. Many times, we start with a small one-person crew for 4 hours a day once or twice a week. As you begin to ramp up, we adjust the size of the crew and length of the shifts to cover the increasing activity. We can schedule during normal working hours or after everyone is gone for the night.

• All crew members are vaccinated with documentation and prepared to adhere to your testing schedule.

• Bathrooms including walls, counters, stalls, floors, and trash removal.

• Individual offices including vacuuming and lite dusting. As a rule no personal items are ever touched or moved. If an office door remains closed, the office is not cleaned.

• Hallways and Stairways are always mopped, vacuumed and or swept. We are very thorough with these areas and are cleaned more than once a day.

• Lobby areas including wind

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