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Hard Out SOS is an offshoot of Hard Out Productions, a rental company that has served the entertainment industry since 2013. Conceived from the need to be part of the solution, SOS is founded on the bedrock of safety, hygiene, risk management and illness prevention for all cast and crew. The entire SOS team has gone through OSHA certified training with a focus on disaster site management. Our approach to all locations, stages and offices is with the mindset that because of the COVID-19 pandemic, all environments must be treated as disaster sites in order to ensure proper abatement.

Hard Out SOS’ owners, Leo Driver, Vincent Morano, Rocco Nisivoccia & David Occhino each have 20 years of experience in the film and television industry working as DGA Location Managers, a DGA Production Manager and a widely established Parking Coordinator. We believe it’s our experiences in such various aspects of the industry that has allowed us a unique insight of the way the business operates and what will be needed for our industry to come through these difficult times stronger, safer and smarter than ever.